So this isn't your typical vintage store.  98% of all these shirts were owned and worn by me, with the exception of me buying a shirt here and there that didn't fit, or i wasn't paying attention when i bought it and it was the wrong size. 

in case you have never seen it, i have been documenting all of them over the course of the last decade one day at a time on minorthread.com, but now sadly it is time to part with them.  Ranging from shirts i purchased at my first concert to the shirt i bought at the most recent show i went to.

I believe that while old worn out vintage shirts are cool, they are just as cool as the shirt you wear over the next 30 years in and make it "yours".  in my opinion half of what makes a great shirt are the memories we make while wearing them. I guess what i am trying to say is, some shirts on this site are not ALL "vintage" some are just from bands i like that i collected and while are not vintage still hard to find and rare.  

So i obviously cannot list everything i own all at once, cause that would take me a year just to do so, so every week i am going to add a curated amount to the store.  So keep checking back on a regular basis and email if you have any questions.


IF shipping Prices seem high, or too expensive, not to worry i always refund the difference.  i know calculating shipping isnt a science, but i always will send you the difference if i can get cheaper shipping, or combine items into smaller order.  feel free to email me and i can double check anything for you as well.  but if you are in a hurry trying to grab something before it get snatched up, fret not, i got you and will make sure you get the best price.  

 do ship worldwide.  

I am not a store but one human, so your item usually gets packaged up and sent out the next day (with the rare exception of me being hospitalized for something dumb like falling down the stairs) :) but as soon as i recover i will ship your item out and i bet it will still be quicker that ordering merch from your favorite band.  



I do not accept returns, unless you get an item that is blatantly misrepresented (probably cause i have 7K shirts and cant inspect every single dot on every single shirt). so if that is the case and you feel mis-represented, email me ai i will work something out with you