Updated Tuesday 3/28

The Cardigans

Ten Foot Pole

Black Heart Procession


the Flaming Lips

death cab for cutie

Have you see "Meet Me In The Bathroom yet"?


My wife tells me after decades of giving me shit about collecting shirts, and how many i have that i should keep doing this for a living..."you seem to be good at it".

So in an effort to keep this site going, cause i only have a finite amount of shirts i have to buy some more. With that said if any of you have a shirt collection big or small you wanna sell Talk to me Perhaps you wanna trade some shirts for a store credit, lets talk. I only want band shirts, they dont have to be from 1985 just good music and not some new tagless garbage. im talking 1985-2005 is ideal.

We're not a store, and by we I mean me.

I'm just one guy 🚢 who has owned all of these shirts.  i have hoarded, collected and displayed them all on Minorthread.com.  Now it's time to purge, and let it all go.  I am trying to release a new batch at least once a week and chip away at the entire collection little by little.

SHIPPING: I ship out every day pretty much. worst case scenario two days, but im on it. πŸ“¦I am also trying to finetune shipping. if your cost seems a bit excessive, don't worry i will always refund the difference of the actual ammount

ALSO: 🐢 sorry if a dog hair gets in the package, i can't help it.  i try my best tho.